Gillette Fusion After Shave Gel Hydra

Gillette Fusion After Shave Gel Hydra

Originally launched in late 2005 by P&G, this entire line of shaving products was designed to support or enhance the Fusion and Fusion Power razors. By design HydraSoothe and HydraCool contain Aloe to soothe the skin and releive any irration from the shave.

Look for the sea of orange EVERYWHERE razors and sundries are sold including Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens. In the UK look for Hydra Soothe at Tesco. While everyone was caught in the marketing blitzkrieg unleashed by P&G for the new Gillette Fusion razor, we quietly tested the new Hydra Soothe after shave balm. We didn’t expect much from Gillette especially after P&G purchased them. Gillette has always had solid products, but not dropping from the sky. Surprised is the understatement. What a great product!

Gillette Fusion After Shave Gel Hydra

Hydra Soothe is disguised/packaged in a giant sized pump dispenser. The pump is a great feature for regulating how much of the product you ultimately use. I used 2 quick squirts of the pump to produce about a nickel sized circle of the white balm and gently rubbed it into my freshly shaved dry face. Straight from the pump Gillette’s Hydra Soothe scent is a bit overpowering. (In an Axe sort of way.) However, it quickly disappeared as did any leftover residue or oily feel.

It disappeared so fast, I checked the label twice to see if it contained alcohol.Reviewer Note:I shaved with Gillette’s Power Fusion Razor. I worship this razor. Its five blades and vibrating head lay the groundwork for the tightest most comfortable shave I’ve ever experienced short of the straight razor shave I get from Chris.

However I cannot consistently afford either: $2-$3 a pop for the cartridges, and $15 for the straight razor shaves.At 3.4 fluid ounces, the pump is too large to carry on an airplane. The pump also looks like it should hold about 12 ounces of product. No big deal, at $3 retail it should last you at least 4 month. Half the world’s airports, 7-Elevens and hotels will stock it. It’s inexpensive and readily available 24×7.

I’d recommend this product to the new shaver, the economical shaver, or the guy who travels a lot. You can replenish anywhere in the world in a moment’s notice.

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As with all P&G products, there’s a consumer 800 number to call clearly marked on the product. We called the number and hypothetically asked about returning. The operator sounded sincere and was very concerned about our situation.

After we said, “April Fools” she explained their policy for return; Receipt and product, full refund no questions asked.Infused with aloe to calm and moisturize your face after shaveing. The unique formula is non-greasy and easily absorbed so it will leave your skin feeling smooth and comfortable. Alcohol free and dermatologist tested.

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