Gillette Fusion HydraGel Review

Gillette Fusion HydraGel Review

Originally launched in late 2005 by P&G, this entire line of shaving products was designed to support or enhance the Fusion and Fusion Power razors. Ever since P&G purchased Gillette, there’s Fusion everywhere! That trickles down to us as great products that fit your face. (By that I mean skin type and facial hair type.) Why so many choices? Because Gillette realizes not every man’s beard or skin type is the same.

Ubiquitous and Inexpensive Shave Gel

Gillette Fusion HydraGel Review

It’s readily available.  It’s very inexpensive, and it delivers as promised. That means half the world’s men could use this product on a daily basis and feel good about it. This Ultra Sensitive version of Fusion I used didn’t irritate my face or my wallet.  It’s an easy product for a guy like me to like. You know who doesn’t have wads of cash and shaves everyday. Aloe Vera is one of the last ingredients on the list on the side of the can. It is ubiquitous these days and for the right reason – it helps to moisturise skin.

I gently pushed the top to dispense about a quarters worth of product to the palm of my hand. It comes out of the can as a gel, but when I applied it to my wet face, it immediately foamed up. (A quarters worth was more like a half dollar which was way too much product, but it’s very hard to regulate less gel than that.) Remember to rinse your razor often or you’ll clog up with gel/foam after a stroke or two. I received a nice tight shave without irritation or burn even after I intentionally went against the grain.

Hydra Gel’s scent is traditionally “manly,” but don’t fret, it quickly disappears once rinsed. Gillette has been in business forever, and they know men. They also stand behind their products. Something you didn’t like about it? Dial up the 800 number on the side of the can and tell them about it.

No real downside to Fusion Hydra Gel.  It is difficult to control how much product you actually receive when you dispense out of this can. But, hey, who cares they’ll make more! Solid 4 out of 5. You get what you paid and then some.

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Made with Aloe and Vitamin E. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or closeness. Fusion HydraGel’s aloe-rich formula with hydrating emollients softens hair and protects skin, so your razor can comfortably glide for an incredibly close shave. Gillette’s best razor glide – even for the most sensitive skin. We recommend using with the Gillette Fusion shaving systems.

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