MenScience Post-Shave Repair Review

MenScience Post-Shave Repair Review

The MenScience line originated as the result of multiple scientific studies involving dermatologist, chemists and skincare professional focused on developing products with professional-grade ingredients and formulations that deliver maximum efficacy and visible results.

The complete line covers the full spectrum of men’s skincare needs: shaving, grooming, anti-aging and problem skin. All MenScience products are 100% free of added fragrances, dyes or irritants, are appropriate for sensitive skin and are non-acnegenic. MenScience provides a simple and effective approach to men’s skincare, focusing on visible results and avoiding distractions such as fancy packaging.

MenScience Post-Shave Repair Review

The word Androceuticals refers to skincare products that are formulated using professional ingredients and dermatological-grade formulations for the highest level of results. I’ve tried many post shave products, but none quite as unique as MenScience Post Shave Repair. For starters, the product comes in a spray pump. Four or five quick pumps to your face delivers all the product you’ll need.

The light consistency of the mist defines the product, and its use. It’s a healer and a toner NOT a cream, gel or balm. A quick glance of ingredients identifies another unique characteristic; Salicylic Acid. Dermatologists have known for years Salicylic Acid helps the top layer of your skin absorb whatever ingredients are mixed with or what comes next in your skin care regiment. In MenScience case your skin is prepped to absorb Post Shave Repair’s other ingredients: rosemary, aloe, Tea tree extract and witch hazel.

All known exfoliating, antibacterial and moisturizing ingredients. The most peculiar part of the whole post shave experience for me is there’s no real overpowering smell or residual feeling after use. It goes on light and dries quickly. Most importantly for my dry skin there’s NO ALCOHOL. Usage: get acquainted with a, “less is better” product philosophy.

It’s not Axe. You’ll be tempted to spray, splash and dash.Use the spray pump sparingly, and gently pat your face dry with a towel. Don’t spray it in your hands and rub it all over. That may be intuitive, but it’s counterproductive. Get used to spraying it on your face, and you’ll be fine.

Editor’s Note

Over time I believe this product has the potential to be a category changer. The end game is better or healthier skin with consistent use of the product. We’ll keep an eye on the results of Tim’s face, our ShaveSlave who’s committed to using the product until it runs out. The pump is good for at least 4 months of daily use. That’s a long time to look at Tim’s face.

Experience a new level of comfort and results. This revolutionary post-shave toner is packed with serious functional ingredients to help repair, heal, and significantly improve skin conditions. Anti-inflammatory properties of Allantoin, Azulene, Aloe and Witch Hazel immediately calm redness and razor burn, plus help stressed skin recover and heal after shaving. Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Extract resolve and prevent ingrown hairs and keep pores free from clogging. Use as a refreshing toner to balance and condition the skin anytime.

About MenScience

All MenScience products are scientifically developed for men, with professional ingredients used by doctors and skincare professionals, for the highest levels of efficacy and visible results. All products are completely free of added fragrances, dyes or other potential irritants.

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