RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener Reveiw

RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener Reveiw

Razorpit is a patented world-premiered product, developed by the Danish inventor and innovator Morten Kjeldsen and through thoroughly documented research; this unique product is developed for those who want to save a lot of money on their shaving needs. Razorpit retains the sharpness of your razorblades, even after more than 150 shaves.

Guys, the RazorPit claims blades still in use after 50 of shaving! I’m happy if I get 5!

RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener

The RazorPit was designed as a blade cleaner, NOT sharpener. The hardware and technique will remove dirt, residue and particles left on the blade AFTER a shave without damaging the blade. The Mfr. is clear that you must use a NEW razor. It will not revitalize old blades.I started with a brand new Mach3 handle and cartridge on May 14, 2009. Per mfr instructions I’ve used shave cream as lubricant and pushed down on the razor with a constant pressure, moving it AGAINST the conventional shave direction. (Not easy to remember for someone who has learned to shave in a down stroke.) I do the upstroke with my razor 3-4 times.

It’s plastic with some sort of silicon coating. I’m sure there’s science behind it and a patent pending, but I don’t really care to know about it. There’s no moving parts, or anything to break or be broken off. I’ve dropped it on tile floor and dropped kicked it to my kid in the back yard. You would be hard pressed to break anything on the RazorPit.

I’m no scientist and do not have access to an electron microscope to prove the blades within my Mach3 Cartridges are any more or less sharp or clean than before, during or after using the RazorPit. Shaving is all about the senses for me; look, touch, feel, smell and taste. Consequently a good shave or a close shave is subjective and relies on several factors: a) a sharp blade, b) the correct pressure, c) the right prep, on d) the right face.

RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener Reveiw

Considering I’ve been shaving daily with 100’s of shave products for the last 30 years, I qualify as an expert as well as the next bloke! I must also confess I’m skeptical and suspect that this contraption like all others before will not work as advertised.

For testing purposes I should keep all variables constant: razor handle, cartridge, shave cream and blade pressure, but that’s just not realistic. I test shave products obsessively; I use a different product under different circumstances almost daily.

WEEK 1 Day 1 – No real or imagined improvement or degradation of the blade after 3 uses.

NOTE: I’m very particular about sharp blades. I usually “Chuck” a Mach3 after 3 or 4 days. It may work for days for others, but being cheap is NOT why I use Mach3 razors and cartridges.

Day 1-3 Who cares my usual Mach3 works just fine on these days.

Day 4 I’m still using original cartridge AND it still “feels” sharp!

Day-5 Same

Day-6 Same

Day 7 Wow, I’m impressed! I really didn’t think the device had it in it.

After 1 week, I must confess that I have NOT always used it properly or immediately after my shave. Instead of remembering to use it AFTER my morning shave I use it before. I’m sure this will affect results, but hey I’m lazy, irresponsible and just plain dim witted at 0-Dark-Thirty am. That said, “On to week two”!

WEEK 2 After fully expecting this thing to crap out after day 5 and not using it entirely correctly, I’m curiously optimistic for performance in week 2.

Day-8 Original cartridge no noticeable change in “sharpness”

Day-9 Packed RazorPit in Ditty Bag for travel to Europe. It’s about same size as my leather Mach3 travel case, so I ditch that in place of the RazorPit in my checked luggage. Not as sexy, not as neat. Note to RazorPit; Make a leather backed version with a “bonnet” with brass clasp for travel. Same result. No noticeable change.

Day-10 Same, no noticeable change

Day-11 Same

Day-12 Same

Day-13 Same. For grins I try my straight razor on the RazorPit using it like a strop.

Day-14 Unbelievable! I’m still on the same cartridge with no real or imagined change in blade performance. However I do notice the “gel” strip is completely gone on the Mach3 TURBO cartridge.

NOTE: Don’t use a Mach3 TURBO Cartridge w/gel strip and expect stellar results! Hey it’s all I had at the time!


Day-15 I’m using the RazorPit correctly AFTER each shave with FABulous eShave Lavender shave soap as my lather. (All for science) Still achieving great shave!

Day-16 Same. However, razor is beginning to drag due to worn out gel strip on Mach3

Day-17 I’m finding myself applying pressure which usually means the blade is dulling and near it’s usefulness. If I were using a DE, this much pressure would be bloody.

Day-18 Same.

Day-19 Same. Damn why did I use a Gel strip!

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I’ve tried virtually every conceivable contraption, method and means to extend the life of my razor cartridges with limited to no success at all. By far the RazorPit shows more promise than all those ideas put together. AND most importantly to me, it improved my shave. Even though I used the RazorPit under less than desirable conditions-correctly, incorrectly, with a Mach3 TURBO Cartridge I still achieved what I believe amazing results! Remember any product or gadget that adds more time or another step to your daily shave regiment should be evaluated closely in order to fit your goal, time constraints, shave needs and budget.  5 minutes a day x 20 years=aprox. 26 days of your life! If you value time, go play with your son instead!

Bottom Line: 5-5 Stars. I would recommend this product to ALL men who shave with cartridges. Caveats:I agreed to use the RazorPit to improve my shave. NOT to prove how cheap I am or how much money I can save with it. I believe the RazorPit did improve my shave, and will continue to Test and Use it on ALL makes of razors.

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