Schick Quattro Titanium Review

Schick Quattro Titanium Review

Schick’s 4-bladed razor. The package included holder, handle, and 2 blade cartridges. This is their latest movement into the market of multi-headed razors. There are three variations available. The midnight is back and rubber, the Titanium has a lighter handle and is coated for a smoother shave, the Power vibrates with a battery in the handle.

Their main competition being Gillette’s 3-bladed Mach3, and their 5-bladed Fusion.The packaging is very 21st century. It is a mix of blacks and greys with rubber accents. The handle has some nice weight to it, you know that it is there. The head not only flexed up/down, but I was happy to find there was limited side/side movement for a more efficient shave.

Schick Quattro Titanium

Schick Quattro Titanium Fatures

  • 4 blades.
  • Titanium Interlayer Coating ensures excellent shave performance.
  • Enhanced PTFE coating provides lubricating film for improved shaving comfort.
  • Optimized Blade Span – allowing for better skin flow while shaving.
  • Schick Quattro Titanium’s Glide Strip with Aloe & Vitamin E enhances the glide of the cartridge over the skin.
  • Includes 1 razor and 2 cartridges.

The four blades covered greater area than with a one-blade throw-away. The moving head made it easier to reach and maneuver without effort. The razor would look great in a scene from Terminator ;). While I enjoyed having 4 blades, the ‘grill’ of four blades was difficult to rinse hairs out of. My first shave was fine, but the second time I tested the blade, I had to ensure I keep rinsing it all the time.

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I have a face that tends to grow many hairs. While I enjoyed the feel of the handle and the movement of the razor’s head, my hairs and shave cream tended to clog the razor’s head. My guess is that the blade is more suited for those with finer hair.

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