Urth Skin Solutions For Men Shave Formula Review

Urth Skin Solutions For Men Shave Formula Review

It’s not very often a newcomer to the men’s shave scene rocks our world at ShavingKitReviews.com, but Urth’s simple yet effective approach to everything shave has done just that. LA based Urth’s entire product line was created specifically for men by men. So far so good right? Now add a solid line-up of beneficial natural ingredients to that manly know-how and  you’ve got the makings of a real jail break.

Turns out we’re not alone in our thoughts on Urth’s new product line-up. The secret is out; Urth’s Face Wash took best of show over at Men’s Health this year as well.Straight out of the tub, I like Urth Shave Formula’s subtle versatility; I can lather up either with or without a brush.

Urth Skin Solutions For Men Shave Formula Review

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased a shave cream for my badger brush shave only to find out it does NOT lather. Picture this: I’m cloistered in the confines of my bathroom, ready for the shave ritual to commence, when I discover my new shave cream doesn’t lather. I just want to throw it at someone!

Editor’s Note

Word to the wise; Look past the sexy cosmetic girl and ask her if it lathers. If she doesn’t know, don’t buy it. Now let’s get back down to Urth.


I scooped a dollop of cream about the size of a half dollar from the tub using the tips of my fingers from one hand while I closed the lid with the other. Apply to a wet face. Don’t be afraid to rub this product into your stubble, it’s loaded with beneficial oils and extracts to help soften your beard and soothe your skin. (Soy, Safflower, Tea Tree, Spearmint, Bergamot, Chamomile, Ginseng, and White and Green Teas to name a few).

Now take a chill pill for a minute or two. Don’t shave. Let Urth’s goodness be absorbed into your skin, it’s all part of the perfect shave. Next use that fave razor to your face filled with Urth lather. Shave as you normally would. Shave with or against your stubble’s growth. Urth’s menthol and oils will provide plenty of glide and protection from any burn or irritation you might experience with other creams. Rinse with warm water.

Urth Skin Solutions For Men Shave Formula Features

  • Creates a slick & protective barrier for a smooth close shave.
  • Ginseng, Tea Tree, & Chamomile soothe & calm razor irritation.
  • A fusion of antiseptic herbal extracts & pure essential oils minimizes razor bumps & helps to restore moisture.

l was left with a light, tight shave without any heavy residue. I have particularly dry, patchy skin that swings to a tricky oily, dry complexion with the summer to fall season change. I’m constantly on the lookout for a product that’s easy on my face, but provides high-end shave performance.  Urth’s Shave Formula fits the bill.None to speak of.

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I’m not crazy about tubs o’ shave cream. Too hard to handle in the bathroom. My baseball glove fingers tend to muff anything too small or too big to twist on or off. Especially when wet. That said, I do appreciate minimal packaging for minimal footprint on the environment.

Wow, what a refreshing shave. I would highly recommend this shave cream to any lather guys out there. Especially those with sensitive skin. If you appreciate green products, and understand the importance of saving your face go get this stuff!

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