ZIRH Shave Gel

ZIRH Shave Gel

ZIRH’s Shave Gel is a clear, non-foaming Aloe Vera based shave gel. It uses a unique combination of natural ingredients to smooth and calm the skin. The huge 8.4oz. tub includes ingredients such as: aloe vera, ginseng, glycerin, seaweed extract.

ZIRH’s shave gel comes in a, round tub. The lid is large, so it’s easy to screw and unscrew and difficult to lose. The gel applied easily and had a slight cool feeling to it [perhaps the aloe?].

ZIRH Shave Gel

One bonus to using a shaving gel is that you can still see what your face looks like to make shaving a bit easier if you have any problem areas on your face. The gel easily washed off both my hands and my Mach 3 razor after every stroke. None. I’m a shave cream lather guy, but found this gel an interesting alternative.

ZIRH’s shave gel was an interesting alternative to using traditional shave creams. I will admit I am biased towards the old school froth brush, but the gel went on easily, shaved easily, and my face looked great 5 minutes later and the day after.

I would easily recommend this product to someone who either loves shaving gels, or is interested in trying them out. While I cannot say I would trade any of my current lineups out to use this shave gel, I will be holding onto it to use again in the future when I go on vacation [I have yet to find a great travel-sized shaving brush, and taking one tub beats taking one tub, one brush, one stand, etc].

ZIRH’S clear, non-foaming Aloe Vera based shave gel makes it easy to maintain sideburns and other facial hair, and avoid any irritated area. Provides unrivaled shaving precision. Uses a unique combination of natural ingredients to smooth and calm the skin. Extremely concentrated formula – one jar should last 3 – 4 months.

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